Cattail Falls – Big Bend National Park

Cattail Falls Big Bend National Park

Cattail Falls (30 MP) – Big Bend National Park

Cattail Falls – Links & Downloads

  1. Cattail Falls – Google Earth File (KMZ)
  2. Cattail Falls – GPX File
  3. Cattail Falls – Printable PDF Map (8.5 x 11)
  4. Cattail Falls – Printable PDF Map (11 x 17)
  5. Cattail Falls – Google Plus Photo Album

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  • Cameron

    Hey man I’m really enjoying your pictures and descriptions of your hike. I’m thinking about trying to do some sort of “thru-hike” in Big Bend this winter, but I’m not sure where to start planning, what trails to take, and how to get the most out of a week or so. The thing I’m most concerned about is water, as I know water here tends to be unreliable, especially with the droughts in Texas right now. Do you have any advice for me as I start planning? Thanks, Cameron

    • Thanks for checking out my site Cameron! As for water concerns, they are definitely valid in Big Bend, even when there isn’t a drought. It really depends on the hike your doing in the park. You may have to cache water. My best advice to you is to get on and post your question on the forum. I’ve got many friends on the boards there and you will get very good answers to any and all questions you may have..

  • M. L. Simmons


    I don’t know if we’ve crossed paths before or not regarding Big Bend – I’ve been in Cattail Canyon a number of times all the way up to the base of the big pour off a.k.a. ‘Bryan’s Falls’. I think it would make a great subject for one of your great big photos.

    If you are ever interested in doing so, I would love to be a part of the event.

    Keep up the outstanding work,

    M. L.

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